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Welcome! You made it to the only place where aviation and health collide.  As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, my name is Nate Anglin. The domain name didn’t give that away.

I am the aviation tyrant here at I help business and aviation professionals regain their lives by encouraging a lifestyle based on fitness of the mind, body and soul. Maybe you came to the site because your profession has added 50 pounds to your waist. Maybe your here because your doctor told you the stress of your job is leading you to a path of heart disease. Or maybe you just want to make a CHANGE! 

For whatever reason, thank you for joining us.

My goal is to help inspire you to make that change, to view life in a new light. Don’t worry, you can remain the corporate guru, or your professional status, but what we share here will hopefully add to your success and limit the stress you put on yourself.
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During my fitness training career (during college), I worked at Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, the YMCA, and conducted private consultations, but what I saw at the major gyms was disheartening. It turned me off to personal training.

I decided to proceed with a degree in Business Administration at the University of Central Florida. My new vision was working for Skylink. I’ve always been an active person…mainly through sports. During high school I played a particular position in football which made me gain weight. Okay, I was a lineman. By my senior year, I was up to 250 pounds. On top of the chubby exterior I was told that I had deteriorating cartilage and would have knee pain for the rest of my life.  Surgery was inevitable.

Not wanting to be overweight anymore, I decided to lose 60 pounds and become a fitness trainer. No more knee pain and no surgeries. Nate Anglin

My mother and father had an entrepreneurial spirit. After working many years as directors and valuable employees of an airline, they decided to venture out on their own, after the airline declared bankruptcy in the mid 1980’s. This is how Skylink was born. Growing up I always respected my parents, seeing them work long hours with the daily stress visible on their face. I always thought to myself, is this healthy? Would I want to go through this?

No it wasn’t, so I made the choice not to. I have relied on my passion for fitness to strengthen my mind, body and soul to cope with the stresses experienced by today’s professionals.

Currently I’m living in sunny central Florida and am the Vice President of an international firm, Skylink, whom has given me the pleasure and opportunity to meet amazing people around the world.

My development over the last several years can be contributed to my managerial role, completion of my MBA, and my knowledge through the resources as a fitness trainer. I am truly blessed!

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Your probably asking what does me working as a fitness trainer and now running  a multimillion dollar aviation organization have to do with this site? Everything.

Nate Angln

Through the 23+ years since Skylink’s inception, my parents have instilled a deep passion in me. That passion is of entrepreneurship and the operation of international business. But I have also developed a strict knowledge for fitness, with over a decade of experience in the fitness world.

This blog is to serve a bigger purpose. It’s beyond the representation of a personal journal, workout diary, or the gossip in today’s business world. This site is to connect you, the business professional, with fitness of the mind, body and soul.

We will actively discuss pressure points experienced by today’s aviation professionals. Fitness and business topics are that you and I experience on a daily basis.

This blog does not exist to just educate you, but also to collaborate with you.

This is where aviation and health collide. 


-Nate Anglin

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