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This is a detailed guide of how to get a blog post accepted on this site. 

Guest post for NateAnglin com

Guest posting is an excellent way to get your content out to a broader audience and drive traffic back to your site. It’s the opportunity to teach, educate and encourage others whom you’ve never met before. It’s quite an exhilarating feeling when you think about it. By guest posting you gain opportunity to expand your reach and indirectly expand your knowledge.

The problem with guest posting is people want a quick and easy back-link to their site and although that’s fine to them, it isn’t for me. My main goal is to offer content on this site that will make the reader better and more educated after reading it.

So here it goes…

What I’m looking for

I’m thrilled to have various posts here as it will be a great benefit to the community. Rehashed old points beaten to death won’t cut it. Just think of what you want on your site. Here’s what the readers here want:

  • Original content that tells the readers something new. 
  • Preferably posts backed up by research and data, not just your opinion. But some opinions are profound.
  • Substantive discussion. Over 450 words.
  • Taking charge of the comment board.

Common mistakes

  • Sending me a prewritten articles. Please send me various topics you would be interested in writing about. It’s best when you provide bullets. Let me choose which topic is best for the audience here. 
  • Not doing you research. Educate yourself about how past blog posts were formatted and written. Understand the language and formatting.
  • Limiting yourself to one topic. I will consider posts about finance, entrepreneurship, health and many others. I feel that if their’s something valuable to offer to enrich the lives of the readers it will be considered.
  • Making it all about you. Although I value your opinion, just your opinion isn’t good enough. Use data, charts and research to back up your points.
  • Making me do extra work. I don’t want to spend hours editing your post. It will be inserted right into WordPress. You should write your byline, format the post and have the picture ready.

Are you ready to submit an idea?

Please contact me and put “Guest post ideas” in the subject line.