Nate Anglin

My Secret Resource Weapons

I thought it would be helpful to create a page where you can always turn to upgrade your life.

These are tools I use every day which help my not only in my personal life but also my professional life. The tools listed below vary from productivity to home fitness equipment.

I will always add more to this page as I find new tools that have made an impact on me.

For easier reference I urge you to bookmark this page. 

Resources Page

Nutrition Tools

Grassfed Meat: You are what you eat. Eating meat that grazes in a natural environment with a species appropriate diet will enhance your nutrient and vitamin intake. It’s a no brainer.

Ninja Professional Blender: Forget spending $300+ on a blender. This Ninja does the trick. From veggies to shakes, it’ll do it all.

Breville Juicer: There’s plenty of debate on if juicing or blending is better. I choose both and nothing beats the Breville.

Kefir Grains: A fermenting powerhouse that should be apart of everyone’s “feel great, be great” strategy.

Astaxanthin: An incredible antioxidant derived from micro-algae. Ton’s of benefits.

Activated Charcoal:  For over 10,000 years, healers from Chinese medicine have used if for it’s absorption capabilities. It binds to toxins in your body and expels them before they enter your bloodstream.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil: With a healthy punch of Omega 3 (DHA) and Vitamin D, this is my go to brand.

Magnesium: You’re likely deficient on Magnesium. It’ll help you sleep, reduce your stress and comes with many other benefits.

Health hacks

Aquasana water filters: From traces of chemicals to feces, tap water is terrible to your health. So is spending hundred of dollars on bottled water. Purifying your water from consumption to shower is a smart hack that’ll have great rewards to your health.

Stand up desk: You will continue hear about stand up desks and how they  benefit your overall health. It gets us away from sitting all day. I love this product.

Orange glasses: These glasses block blue light at night that’ll wreak havoc on your sleep. Wear them at least 2 hours before bed and sleep like a baby. I also like using candles after 9:30pm.

Workout Tools

Bowflex Selecttech 1090 Dumbbell: These adjustable dumbbells are dream for busy professionals. Just throw them in your garage and you have an entire set of weights whenever you get the urge to workout. I use mine frequently.

Foam roller: This is a necessity for everyone. Whether it’s to roll out tight neck muscles from work or to work out stiff joints, this is mandatory. This little tool is a part of my morning ritual.

Stability ball: Not only do I use a stability ball for variation in my workouts. I also use it as my office chair. Talk about an all day core workout.

Pull-up bar: Pull ups are the “cream of the crop” in anyones fitness plan. They are not to be neglected. Put it in your office or use this tool at home, just make sure your doing pull-ups.

Pull-up assist: If you cant do a pull up by yourself or you want to make sure you get in a good amount of reps. Use this tool.

Powercage: Not a beginner tool but if you want to maximize your fitness and lift heavy things, this is it. A powercage is necessary to getting testosterone boosting results. I’m in my cage 3 days a week and feel awesome with the routines I use. Just throw it in your garage or shed and call it a day. This tool can also be used as your pull up bar.


Asana: I use Asana for all my projects. My team and I can easily collaborate and get things done.

Evernote: Simply, the only notebook I use. It stores everything. It’s my external brain.


Vibrams: Silly looking maybe but these shoes are a must to upgrade your fitness. You’ll be surprised how weak your ankles and legs are when you get your first pair. A true testament on how typical sneakers are ruining our primitive mobility.