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Win Every Deal With Your Core Negotiating Strategy

I lost $500,000. It was my fault. Gone before it even started. No excuses. The reason? I missed a critical step in my core negotiating strategy. Okay, it wasn’t a step, it was half the plan.

We had won a big deal for a Skylink maintenance project. The order was received. The deal was sealed.

But I missed a fundamental step in my core negotiating strategy, and it cost me a lot of money...

Choice Overload & How To Combat It

I found myself surfing Amazon for the perfect product. It had to be right. The right reviews. The right package design. The right specifications.

It felt like I was in a vortex. Sucking me in. Clicking and blinking. My eye's blurred. Frustration set. Just choose a damn option, I told myself. And yet, I still had 5,000 more pages to skim. 

Are you Valuable?

As gut wrenching as this is, you’re not alone. I estimate 95% of the worlds population answers with a profound no. I could sit here and riddle through why that’s bad and why you should change but why?