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The One Reason You Need Less, Not More. A Simple, Yet Impactful Plan For Your Life, Career & Business.

In our hyper-connected life, everyone wants more.

More technology. More apps. More houses. More cars. More stuff.

Myself included! I recently found myself going down this rabbit hole in my business.

I’m a technology nut. I love things that can make us faster, better, and stronger as a team, without adding more complexity…people.

Sorry humans.

We had a marketing stack of about 25 pieces of software deep. I’d jump to the next shiny object and “try.”

3 Simple Ways To Turn Your Goals Into Action: A Recipe To Stop Dreaming And Start Doing Today.

Do you often feel your goals are a dream? A fantasy!

You’re stuck. Progress isn’t being made. You’d have more luck entering a Star Wars movie than achieving your goals.

I’ve had the same problem in my company. I laid out our 3-year vision. A detailed story of who we were and what we did 3 years from now.

It was beautiful. You could taste the vision in your mouth. You could feel the future smiles walking down the halls.

The champagne flowed, and the laughter was plentiful.

The problem? We weren’t transferring this vision into action. We weren’t doing what we were saying.

5 Lies Shitty Managers Tell Themselves (Are You One Of Them)

I’ve been a shitty manager. I’d expect others to have telepathic capabilities to the inner workings of my head.

I’d abdicate until someone screwed up following my half-assed instructions, then, I’d be the far too familiar “helicopter manager.”

There are lies we tell ourselves as managers that make us shitty. And downright wrong.

To be an effective leader, you’ll avoid these five lies managers tell themselves.