5 Must-Read Books For Any Manager Who Wants To Lead Successfully

The first is executing the vision, mission, values, and strategy of a company playbook.

The second is leading, coaching and managing a team.

I was reading Rand Fishkin’s book, “Lost and Founder” and he made an excellent point.

Not all individual contributors (ICs) are cut out to manage, and that’s okay. They still need a career path!

Management is unique. You have to have people skills!

Managers don’t always need experience in a given role. What they need is a skill to learn, coach, and manage.

If you’ve found yourself in a management seat, this is for you.

A Simple Three-Step Hiring Process That Screens Fakers And Rewards Makers

I hired an MBA with thirty years of experience thinking that was important. I was wrong.

He was my prince. A savior. Until he asked…

Can I bring my dog to work?

As a pet-friendly fella that’s not tight on “corporate” rules, I said sure, why not.

I’ve done it in the past. And I still tend to bring in my sausage every now and again.

He’s a dachshund named Buster.

It was the first day of training and things we’re going miserably.

5 Critical Lessons All Managers Need To Inspire And Motivate Their Teams

If an alien entered your world, mentally whipped you and started demanding foreign prompts, how would you feel?


Out of this world.

As someone leading a team, you’re dealing with humans.

We often forget this. Don’t act like you haven’t!

I was recently at a business conference, and during lunch, I received a few questions regarding hiring and motivation.

I’ve made many of these mistakes which I’ll share with you now.