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11 Simple Ways You Can Live A Great Life, Personally & Professionally

Life gets in the way they say. There’s never enough time.

And to that, I say bullshit.

I’ve been there. When I started taking over my company, I was forced to figure out what business really was.

16 hours a day clawing and scratching.

It left me no time for the things that mattered. It left me with no time for my inputs, as Nicolas Cole would say.

I gained weight. I sat at the computer, the phone, hammering out results.

At the time, it felt needed, but that’s not the way to live life.

The One Reason You Need Less, Not More. A Simple, Yet Impactful Plan For Your Life, Career & Business.

In our hyper-connected life, everyone wants more.

More technology. More apps. More houses. More cars. More stuff.

Myself included! I recently found myself going down this rabbit hole in my business.

I’m a technology nut. I love things that can make us faster, better, and stronger as a team, without adding more complexity…people.

Sorry humans.

We had a marketing stack of about 25 pieces of software deep. I’d jump to the next shiny object and “try.”

Everyone Tells You To Say No (And They’re Dead Wrong)

If I said “no” to all the things I didn’t want to do when I was 21, I’d be picking my nose and playing beer pong all day.

Instead, I said yes to going back to school and getting my masters degree (not recommended for everyone).

I said yes to an Account Manager role. I said yes to any client that would be crazy enough to listen to my half-assed sales pitch. I said yes to any and all deals and targets that crossed me.

I said yes to a Director of Purchasing promotion. I said yes to becoming the President.

And I said yes to becoming CEO.

Do You Feel Like Shit? Here’s The Reason Why And It May Surprise You

You start your day looking up at the ceiling. You complain. You complain about hurting. About being tired. About all the stuff you have to get done today.

You feel like shit.

And in a lot of ways, you actually may be full of shit — don’t let me lose you here.

I was fat. I hated reading. I’m ADD. I had a short fuse. And I was running a high-stress international company.