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11 Simple Ways You Can Live A Great Life, Personally & Professionally

Life gets in the way they say. There’s never enough time.

And to that, I say bullshit.

I’ve been there. When I started taking over my company, I was forced to figure out what business really was.

16 hours a day clawing and scratching.

It left me no time for the things that mattered. It left me with no time for my inputs, as Nicolas Cole would say.

I gained weight. I sat at the computer, the phone, hammering out results.

At the time, it felt needed, but that’s not the way to live life.

5 Must-Read Books For Any Manager Who Wants To Lead Successfully

The first is executing the vision, mission, values, and strategy of a company playbook.

The second is leading, coaching and managing a team.

I was reading Rand Fishkin’s book, “Lost and Founder” and he made an excellent point.

Not all individual contributors (ICs) are cut out to manage, and that’s okay. They still need a career path!

Management is unique. You have to have people skills!

Managers don’t always need experience in a given role. What they need is a skill to learn, coach, and manage.

If you’ve found yourself in a management seat, this is for you.

A Simple Three-Step Hiring Process That Screens Fakers And Rewards Makers

I hired an MBA with thirty years of experience thinking that was important. I was wrong.

He was my prince. A savior. Until he asked…

Can I bring my dog to work?

As a pet-friendly fella that’s not tight on “corporate” rules, I said sure, why not.

I’ve done it in the past. And I still tend to bring in my sausage every now and again.

He’s a dachshund named Buster.

It was the first day of training and things we’re going miserably.