Avoid This Costly Business Mistake To Unleash Your True Potential

I spend $1,000,000 a year with a vendor, and they flush my money down their corporate toilet.

We all get sucked into the money pit vortex. Chasing vanity, lagging metrics like it’s the cure to the business failure plague.

Sure they’re important goals, but they add no direct value to a client.

Businesses are made up of tens, hundreds, thousands of humans, working together to achieve a goal.

A mission.

Yet, most goals are a financial metric, a sale, profit, volume, whatever.

11 Simple Ways You Can Live A Great Life, Personally & Professionally

Life gets in the way they say. There’s never enough time.

And to that, I say bullshit.

I’ve been there. When I started taking over my company, I was forced to figure out what business really was.

16 hours a day clawing and scratching.

It left me no time for the things that mattered. It left me with no time for my inputs, as Nicolas Cole would say.

I gained weight. I sat at the computer, the phone, hammering out results.

At the time, it felt needed, but that’s not the way to live life.

5 Must-Read Books For Any Manager Who Wants To Lead Successfully

The first is executing the vision, mission, values, and strategy of a company playbook.

The second is leading, coaching and managing a team.

I was reading Rand Fishkin’s book, “Lost and Founder” and he made an excellent point.

Not all individual contributors (ICs) are cut out to manage, and that’s okay. They still need a career path!

Management is unique. You have to have people skills!

Managers don’t always need experience in a given role. What they need is a skill to learn, coach, and manage.

If you’ve found yourself in a management seat, this is for you.