Win Every Deal With Your Core Negotiating Strategy

I lost $500,000. It was my fault. Gone before it even started. No excuses. The reason? I missed a critical step in my core negotiating strategy. Okay, it wasn’t a step, it was half the plan.

We had won a big deal for a Skylink maintenance project. The order was received. The deal was sealed.

But I missed a fundamental step in my core negotiating strategy, and it cost me a lot of money...

Habits Of The Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

How similar are you to Bill Gates, Richard Branson, or Walt Disney? After all, you’re both human, right?

You’re practically a brother or sister. Congrats. You share the common theme of being human. But that’s not close to half the battle. You're missing something else. Are you healthy? Are you wealthy? Are you wise?