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3 Weekly Sayings That Are Sabotaging Your Success

3 Weekly Sayings That Are Sabotaging Your Success

3 Weekly Sayings That Are Sabotaging Your Success

Are you someone who can't wait for Friday and dreads the "Mondays?"

If you are, then you're wasting your time being alive. 5 days out of 7, you're slugging around, dragging your feet, rushing the week away.

There are two issues with this. One, you're not creating any form of positive impact during the week, and two, you've got a bad attitude.


And let's not forget what Tony Robbins says...

You are what you think.

3 Weekly Sayings That Are Sabotaging Your Success

1. It’s Monday!

As in Monday's are dreadful, terrible, and you don't want to be at work.

Why are they so bad? Why are you starting your week so negatively?

Monday's are the fresh start of a new week. A new week of being alive and pursuing your goals. A day to create immense value for others. A day to be alive! Do you know how lucky you are? 

Just think. Mondays account for 14.28% of your week.And you’re wasting it away?

Here's what Anthony from The Sales Blog has to say about Monday's:


2. Happy hump day.

One, why is it called hump day? There's 7 days in a week.

Is it because you're humping your way to mediocrity? Or because you care more about the booze on Friday than closing the deal on Thursday?


Yes, it’s the middle of the “work” week, so make it great like Monday, or even better like Saturday.

3. Finally, it's Friday.

I consider Friday the worst day of the week. Why? Because people's heads are out of the game and they’re looking forward to being lazy.

Friday is the day to prepare to jump on the opportunities created when others are not in the right mindset.

I wake up at 4:30 am, every day. Why? Because the rest of the world sleeps. While you sleep I'm planning, strategizing and capitalizing on my most important moves. And yes, even on the weekend!

Don't take my word for it, read "I fucking Hate Fridays", and feel the right hook hit your face after you're done.

Or, just listen to it...

Take these sayings out of your vocabulary and be blessed for every day.

Every day is a day that you can use to make your life great. To create value for others and to be a great human. Leave mediocrity and the status quo to everyone else.

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