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Your Failed New Years Resolution

By now your probably well on your way to not fulfilling your New Years Resolution. It happens every year. People, you included, set out to change something for the upcoming year. Sadly not even 25% into the year, you fail.

Your Failed New Years Resolution

Why is this?

You hear everyone talk about setting out to achieve a new resolution. You read articles on how to make it your best year possible or how to set goals and stick to them.

Although you hear all of this information and it gets you motivated, initially, New Years resolutions are bulls***. Nobody cares to stick to them, nobody feels enough pain to change their current habits, and nobody receives enough pleasure from the new habits. It’s as simple as that which is why you fail.

There are 2 big ways we can quite lying to yourself and make a goal that counts.

Set and accomplish goals in bit size chunks

The biggest resolution is to lose weight. Please, beat me over the head now. Way to many people throw the “I’m going to lose weight” resolution around like it means something. Or if it’s not health related it could be you want to earn an extra $XX,XXX in income in 2015.

Whatever it is, you must become more specific about your goal. You need to break it down to bit sized wins.

For losing weight your goal should be something like “I am going to lose 20lbs by then end of the first quarter. I will do this by losing 1lb per week through this exercise regimen (insert exercise regimen]. In the first few weeks I’ll stop my bad eating habit [insert poor eating habit here] and in the last 3 weeks I’ll make all of my own low-carb meals every day.”

The results are seen when you break down your goal into actionable, meter moving results.

If it’s increasing your income by X amount then they same applies. “I am going to earn an extra $XX,XXX by the end of Q1 to catapult me to my $XXX,XXX 2015 goal.” Then you break this down into specific tasks.

Then you must…

Hold yourself accountable…

Now that you’ve broken down your goals you’ll need to find your accountability system.

It all goes back to a simple form of psychology (I recommend you read the book Mindless Eating) and creating accountability measures.

There are a number of ways to do this but a highly effective way is to make your goals public. So, if you want to lose the 20lbs, you tell all of your family and have one of them ask you how much you’ve lost each week. Posting your goal and updates on Facebook works as well. This is why trainers and coaches are so effective, the keep you accountable.

The New Years Resolution bulls*** comes down to this, you’re very bad at creating goals and implementing them. Brutal truth here.

What you need to do is break your goal into bit sized chunks and keep yourself accountable.

How many times have you started a New Years Resolution and failed by this point in the year? What was it?

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