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Have Fun Working Out. 5 Ideas That Really Work - Part 4 - Get Motivated

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]xcuses not to work out can plague you as if you had no defense against them.  

Have fun working out


Yes, we all make excuses, but the reason we do is because we think working out is freaking boring, especially if you go to a gym. Who wants to always think "its chest and triceps day, we need to do 4 exercises with 4 sets and 12 reps."

Does saying that annoy you? It does me.

We should have FUN working out. We need motivation to lose weight and become more fit. Imagine being able to have a fun workout in the morning and then going to meet with a large customer of yours.

You'll feel refreshed, energized, pumped, excited and ready to meet the demands of landing a win/win deal.

Having fun working out is important and here are 5 ways to tackle it:

1) Kickboxing

This one is a killer. With over 750+ calories burned in an hour, you'll be working your butt off. Not to mention being able to take your stress out on the bag.

Get punching!

2) Run Stairs

Running stairs is fun and challenging. But don't be boring and just go up and down. Mix it up. Run up the stairs, skip a step, jump, bound, use one leg, you get my point. Variety is key.

3) 4-Step Ladders

Ladders are a great change of pace to a normal workout. There's not much to them but you'll feel the burn and soreness the next day.

4) Walk the dog for 3 miles

We talk a lot about walking here and it's crucial to your overall fitness. Enjoy a longer walk outside, breathing in the fresh air. Being outdoors is invigorating.

5) Bikram Yoga

If you haven't tried Bikram Yoga, you need to try today. And for you guys out there who think yoga is for girls, I challenge you to try Bikram Yoga. It's an incredible workout and great way to be grateful for breathing. You'll know what I mean when you walk out of the doors for the first time.

Is it really that hard to have fun working out? From the examples above I don't think so.

Why be boring and serious? Mix things up, enjoy the outdoors and especially do what you love doing. Don't settle for being stuck in the gym. Like my friend over at 12 minute athlete says, "Don't waste life in a gym."

Do you get bored with working out? Is it not fun or enjoyable? Comment below and let us know what bores you about it.


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