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What The CEO Of Nok Airlines Taught Me About Being Different

What The CEO Of Nok Airlines Taught Me About Being Different


There are 3 important life lessons you’ll learn from the most outspoken airline CEO in the world, Patee Sarasin.

I first met Patee...via email...when he was at Boeing's facility. A rather long trip from Thailand so you’re probably thinking, email? Really?

Yes. Email. Really!

My email was to the point and a little self-indulgent. I wanted to interview him for our Ask an Expert series. But I wasn’t too indulgent. I laid our 3 benefits he would achieve by speaking to me.

He replied and asked how the chat would be handled.

I told him since he's in Washington state, I'd fly out to meet him. This would cost me hundreds of dollars. But, it’s Patee!

And then he went silent.

I'd like to think I scared him due to my killer looks and refreshing personality. But it’s probably like my fat days in high school trying to get a prom date.

Neither was the case.

He was at BOEING. Closing a large order, yelling at them for long production cycles, or a million other high-level things.

The cool part is, he was responsive. To a stranger. To me.

And with his 121,000 followers on Instagram, busy schedule, and how he engages the media with his no holding back views, I conclude that he is indeed dubbed as the most outspoken airline CEO. And he's far from boring.

We finally connected again (thanks, April) and got a chance to chat:

What The CEO Of Nok Airlines Taught Me About Being Different

Patee is unique. He's full of life. He's confident. And he likes taking chances.

You look at the world and maybe .25% of people have these traits...together. I'd like to think I'm one. And I digress.

Here's what we can all learn from this conversation.

Take A Chance

Patee left his high paying job as the CEO of Bates Advertising. With a $300 investment and an idea with some friends. They started Nok Airlines. He jokes that his lower pay has remained in place for the past 15 years.

But now, you look at Nok Airlines, which carries 25% of the passengers in/out of Thailand.

He took a chance.

He has a legacy within Thailand and it's now created a new platform for him to create.

All by listening to an idea, putting a little skin in the game and taking a leap of faith.

You may not know what's on the other side but if it looks fun, it’s challenging, and you can look back on the experience and learn something, take a chance.

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Don't Be Boring

Most airline CEOs are boring. They talk about aircraft, routes, blah, blah, blah. And this plagues most CEOs. The boring epidemic.

You want to smack them with an energy stick and scream wake up. Live a little!

Sure they're smart and have a high achieving brains and what they deal with is not easy. I deal with this on a smaller scale. It’s tough. I’m tough.

But we only live one life. The less we ROT, the better.

Patee Sarasin.jpeg

In your life. Whether you're a leader of a company, a team, or your family. Don't be boring. Have some fun!

Be unique

Be a zebra. Every zebra has a unique pattern and so do you.

Patee loves music. He loves marketing and advertising. And he took a chance at running an airline.

He combined all of these to fill 10,000 seats at his concerts, to dominate 25% of the airline market share in Thailand, and to market the airline in a unique and fun way.

And not everyone agrees with his approach. That makes him unique.

You need to be you. Be you. Be fun. Be memorable.

You're a unique human on this earth. Tap into that.

Punch this world in the mouth with value.

Kick some ass,

Nate Anglin

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