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Sticking To Diets Abroad

This post is written by  who is a fitness fanatic. She currently lives in Berlin where she works at GoEuro, a new travel company that compares and combines travel options throughout the world. We've all been there.

Traveling. What to eat, where to eat it and the sickness we felt after we ate it.

It's difficult.

Sticking to Diets Abroad

Keeping to a diet is tricky at the best times but even more so outside the comfort of your own kitchen.

Traveling adds a particular challenge in the form of unfamiliarity and indulgent temptations.

But, armed with a few basic tips, a vacation doesn't need to be a never-ending “cheat day.”

Eating on the go

Shop! Everyone knows that the best and easiest way to cut calories is by taking control and preparing food yourself. And while you’re traveling this doesn't necessarily mean avoiding the culinary cultural experience altogether. Try eating in once a day. Something as simple as yogurt and fruit in the morning or a light salad for lunch will do the trick. Saving a few bucks and getting the chance to explore a foreign supermarket are only a few added bonuses.

Snack! Snacks are a great way to stave off the fast food temptation that inevitably follows a long day of walking tours and urban exploration. Bring along some fruits or macadamia to nip the cravings in the bud. This will energize and help you get the most out of your day.

Drink! Did you know that your body sends the same signals to your brain whether you’re hungry or thirsty? While a quick bag of crisps may seem the easiest answer to your hunger, sometimes a big gulp of water can just as easily do the trick. Staying hydrated, particularly during an active expedition is the healthiest way to keep a diet on course.

Resist! Restaurants are a deadly destination for people who are looking to eat healthy. The beckoning basket of fresh bread and the captivating "carby" and caloric dishes can be a real challenge to resist. However, simply refusing the bread to begin with is an excellent way to cut out hundreds of calories before the meal even begins. But making health conscious choices in a restaurant doesn't need to leave you hungry and unhappy. Learning to love seafood is a great way of savoring local cuisine without fearing for your health. It gives you your weekly dose of heart-healthy omega-3 fats. Sadly, the same can’t be said for the deep-fried and battered editions of these same dishes.

Share! Food can be one of the most exciting things about traveling abroad. Who would want to go to France without sampling the pastries and cheese? And would a trip to Italy really be complete without savoring the occasional pasta or pizza? Being health conscious doesn't mean to entirely neglect a key part of the cultural experience. Don’t be afraid to indulge a little. A great way to avoid going overboard is by sharing with fellow travelers. After all, half a dessert still has all the flavor but for only half the calories.

Enjoy the experience while you travel.

Just don't let the basket of bread or bowl of pasta spoil your trip.  You want to maintain a clear head and an energetic body.

Do you have trouble eating healthy while traveling abroad? Comment below.


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