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The Never a Stupid Question Myth

You sit patiently waiting. Your palms sweating. Your hands shaking. It's a question you're dying to ask but you're afraid it's "stupid." Schools, teachers and stroke your ego business leaders tell you there's never a stupid question.

The Never a Stupid Question Myth

I'm here to tell you...

That's stupid.

Of course there's stupid questions. At Skylink, almost every week I repeat the same saying.

"It may not be a stupid first question, but it sure as hell is a stupid second question if you failed to listen to the first answer." [Click to Tweet]

In today's world, people are here to stroke your ego. Ask all the stupid questions you want because it's not stupid.

Yes it is!

Think long and hard. Is the question your about to ask giving you insight into what you're working on? Is it an opportunity to challenge the status quo?

I love questions. Here's two great book on the topic, "Good Leaders Ask Great Questions" and "A More Beautiful Question." What I don't like is the same question over and over again due to poor listening skills. Im positive you don't either.

If you ask a question, make it a good one. Gain more insight, challenge, and go deep into what you're working on.

Don't be stupid by asking stupid things. Hate it or not, you know it's true.

Your thoughts? Comment below.

P.S. Stupid questions are strictly prohibited in the comment section. You will be deleted and reported to the local FBI (For Betraying Intelligence) office.




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