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Why You Can't Trust Yourself With Your Business

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s an epidemic I tell you. Office workers have it rough. You sit typing at your computer with stress induced nail bitten fingers pounding at the keyboard.

Each time you look in the mirror insecurity grows and you wonder what the hell happened.

You ride the line of fat and skinny, motivated and unmotivated, energetic and lazy.

Wellness Coach

A common theme is you falling trap to Yo Yo diets, quick fixes and quack doctors who have given health and wellness a bad name.

You’ve given up the dream of being in shape. The thought of having a cognitively sharp mind is now a dream.

You, your business and your personal life are just skirting by. Tiptoeing the life of mediocrity.

The hell with this!

Billions of dollars lost

Sick days cost the United States economy $84 billion a year.

Yes, that’s billion.

Data gathered by Gallup-Healthways Well-being index survey gathered data on 94,000 Americans. 14 professional categories were reviewed based on days of work missed and poor health.

2 of the top 4 unhealthiest professions were office workers and business owners.

According to Gallup, 19% of all the office workers surveyed said they lacked the energy to perform their usual activities. Lower than all other occupations. The cost of lost productivity for office workers is $8.1 billion a year with 76.5% of them considered to be at an unhealthy weight or suffer from a chronic health condition.

Only 20% of business owners we considered obese, one of the lowest among all professions.

But wait, don't go thinking this is a good thing yet.

Business owners had higher rates of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cancer. 79.2% were considered to be at an unhealthy weight or threatened with a chronic health condition.

Office workers and business professionals are victim to unhealthy behaviors.

Upgrade yourself to upgrade your business

Being healthy means feeling great and performing at your highest human potential. [TWEET THIS]

Forget the biggest loser or the other crap diets you hear about.

It's not just about shedding fat, it's about the entire package. Getting rid of the spare tire, sharpening your mental capabilities and feeling alive.

All of these cannot be achieved by restricting nutritionally dense foods and running on a treadmill for 60 minutes a day. And it's estimated that 95% of all people who lose weight gain it back. 

Creating a wellness plan that fits your lifestyle is the best route to your success.

You will give yourself greater tools to use not only for yourself but also in your business.

Have you ever negotiated with a cognitively sharp individual?

How about an insecure one?

You can only guess who has the upper hand.

Take action

To get yourself on the right track you need to think of your life in 3 areas. Each affects you both personally and professionally.

1) Mind: your mind is the decision center.

2) Body: your body is what gets you from point A to B efficiently.

3) Soul: this is your deeply felt moral and emotional nature.

When one of these areas is blocked the remaining 2 perform less than their full potential. In my wellness coaching program it’s our goal to maximize each area. This is why I designed 3 levels based on your goals: Entry Level, GM Level and Executive level.

To strengthen the mind a strict focus on quality foods is a necessity. It gives the mind the fuel it needs to maximize its performance. Sleep is also a critical component to getting your mind to recharge.

Fitness is important to get your body to function and move as it was designed. Poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle have destained our bodies to the dumpster. Fitness helps correct this.

The soul is an area that is often times misconstrued. You’re free to believe in whatever religion you want. I am not here for that. When I say soul I mean what do you stand for and believe in? Digging deep into your physical being is the only way to achieve this. Quality sleep, meditation, yoga, and deep thinking are some of the best ways to tap into this.

A wellness coach can help you get back on track

There are many reasons to get help when you decide to make a health change.

But listening to just anyone is a sure fire way to get stuck on Yo Yo diets that you’ll hate. Remember that 95% statistic?

When looking for help look for someone who is experienced and educated so they can do most of the thinking for you. Following some fad diet isn’t a coach.  Nor is listening to a fad diet coach.

A wellness coach should provide you with unique, personalized goals to fit your lifestyle.

This is why I focus on coaching business professionals. I’m educated in health and fitness and have a ton of real world business experience. I can easily relate to this lifestyle.

You want to feel and perform better. Get help, choose wisely and ensure it’s the right fit for you and your business. Your business and the people that work there deserve you to perform at peak performance.

Whether you decide to have a wellness coach to help you or not being a business owner is tough.

That’s the cold hard truth.

You have the office beating you up day in and day out.

But what cost do you say, damnit, I look and feel like crap?

By taking care of yourself to perform at your maximum potential both mentally and physically you will give your business a much better chance at widening the bottom line gap…profit.

Has the office environment changed the way you look and feel? Have you noticed the effects on your business? Comment below.


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