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4 Ways An Entrepreneur Can Become More Fit - Part 1 - The Basics

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s entrepreneurs, we all suffer from a lack of motivation to workout at some time or another. It's not because we don't want to, but instead because we're exhausted. Does this sound familiar? Do you want to experience the benefits of being fit?

How an entrepreneur can feel the benefits of being fit

This article is 1 of a 6 part series to get your fitness back on track. It's to recognize the small things to make the biggest impact [Tweet This].

From fad diets and chronic cardio, to carb loading and calorie deprivation, all this information overloads you. Most of the time its garbage!

Who would want to workout with all this junk thrown at them? Not me! It's to overwhelming.

Just remember that your personal fitness is just like business, nothing becomes great overnight. It's more of a mental game than it is a physical one. The only thing that's stopping you from becoming fitter is you. Your body can do the work, trust me.

Here are 4 ways to help you become a fitter entrepreneur, a fitter business professional:

Set A Goal

Do you set other goals for yourself ? Maybe it's acquiring 20 new contracts, or setting up an online presence. So why not do the same for your fitness? The benefits of being fit aren't unattainable.

Its kind of ridiculous when you think about it. Just apply the same concept.

When I set a goal, I make sure it's a SMART one. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. This is a great way to keep you focused and motivated.

Have you ever set a New Years resolution to "lose weight" and come January 15 you've lost your momentum? It's all to common.

Be SMART and set specific, attainable goals.

Keep A Routine

Let me be honest, I REALLY dislike working out in the morning. After I've just rolled out of bed, now I expect my body to function? Not quite!

But, this is me personally and you have to learn what your body and mind prefers. Always choose a time when you know your energy level is at its highest. This may be hard to figure out at first but continue to listen to your body.

If you know you can fit in a workout only in the morning and your intensity doesn't suffer, then go for it. Don't limit yourself to having to workout at specific times because it's when "you can burn the most calories." The benefits of being fit can be attained no matter what time of the day it is.

Workout when its best for your schedule and mind. Forget all the other crap people tell you. Your goal is to become more fit, not to scientifically test the best workout times in a given day.

Build A Support Group

If working out in your garage doesn't appeal to your social standards, then build a support group. You should really do this either way.

The support group will help encourage you to stay on track and to keep you liable for reaching your goals.

This is why Striiv has built-in a competition feature within their iPhone app. When you compete against others it forces you to work harder since no one wants to be in last place.

As you build your support group stay away from those who try distracting you or tell you your goals are pointless. Who's life is this? Not theirs, it's yours!

Clear your head

Right before you workout make sure your mind is clear of any issues that are going on in your life. Problems create stress and stress wreaks havoc on your fitness goals. When you workout, it's your time.

Listen to your favorite music or podcast. Right now I enjoy the podcasts of Chris Ducker, Chris Brogan, Entreleadership, Robb Wolf, Joel Osteen and Michael Hyatt.

If they don't motivate you in some aspect, don't listen to them. And by all means, stay away from the news. By listening to people who motivate you while you workout, your creative juices will start flowing. Just another benefit of being fit.

Working out isn't a death sentence. You need to create a habit that best fits not only your schedule, but your passions. By creating a goal, sticking to a routine, building a support group, and clearing your head your on the right track to a fit future. Make no more excuses and become a fit entrepreneur.

How do you mentally get in the workout mood? Have you experienced any benefits of being fit? Comment below.


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