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4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Reap The Benefits Of Being Fit

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]our good, but whats stopping you from becoming great? The answer is more than likely either fitness or nutrition, but for this articles sake lets focus on the benefits of being fit.

Benefits of being fit

With all the hard work you put into your business, you still lake the drive to put work into yourself, at least in the fitness aspect. You put more effort in the excuses not to work out, than you do working out.

Your lack of motivation to work out is effecting the very business you've worked so hard to develop, create and maintain. No, it may not be hurting your company, but it's effecting its full potential. Its leader is unhealthy and unfit.

Why should fitness be so important to you?

Here are 4 benefits of being fit which will make you a better entrepreneur, a better business professional:

More Energy: In the business environment, energy is scarce and it seems you may be running on empty more days than not (explaining the billion dollar caffein industry). A 2008 study found that low-intensity exercise increased energy by 20% and reduced fatigue by 65% for sedentary people. Theirs no need to spend an hour in the gym, a quick 25-30 minute workout will do just the trick. Also, avoid any chronic cardio (75% or greater of your max heart rate). Your life is stressful enough and this will only stress your body even more.

Increased Productivity:  The fitter you are the more productive you'll become. You'll be able to manage stress more efficiently and avoid the time worrying or stressing about what to do. Fitness helps create a healthy mind and with a healthy mind comes rational decision making. Consider it an insurance policy for your time. Fitness is one of the best ways to manage stress (stress is unproductive) because it boosts your brain’s “feel-good” neurotransmitters called endorphins.

Better Ideas: Who wouldn't want better ideas? Or maybe just an idea if you never have any. Fitness improves your circulation meaning your body can pump blood and deliver nutrients to vital organs, including your brain. A study shows that the brains of people who exercise regularly have higher levels of brain derived neurotropic factor, a “factor” that ultimately increases capacity for knowledge. Working out gives you better ideas.

Efficient Sleeping: Who needs sleep? Well buddy, we all do! Sleep is an integral part of any fitness regime. It's proven to increase your concentration, productivity and mood. And if you don't sleep, it to has proven to make you…fat. The good news is fitness can help you sleep better. A recent New York Times article reported a study that showed people who slept 6 hours a night for two weeks had the cognitive equivalent of being drunk. They also noted that we all aren't the same type of sleepers. Less than 5% of the population can function on 5 hours of sleep while the rest varying from 6 - 9 hours. Get a MINIMUM of 7 hours a sleep a night. If you still feel tired in the morning shoot for 8 hours and go up until you feel refreshed.

Fitness is paramount to every entrepreneur and business professional. It makes you more confident, productive and even smarter. It also helps you make rational decisions. The benefits of being fit are endless so strive for fitness every day.

Fitness tip: Don't kill yourself with unrealistic goals. The 60 minute workout sessions aren't for you. You don't have the time. Shoot for 3, 25-30 workouts a week. The other days try to get in 20 minutes worth of walking.

 What benefits of being fit do you enjoy or would like to accomplish? Comment below.


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