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5 Office Snacks That'll Make Any Professional Feel Like A Pro

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ometimes you feel like you're starving throughout the day and wish you knew what the best office snacks were. You reach for the 2pm coffee, but it doesn't work. Your stomach begins to growl and you figure you might as well eat something.

Miraculously you find a candy bar in the kitchen and figure what the hell, I'll just eat it. Your hungry so who cares, right?

Best office snacks


Unhealthy snacks are the financial ruin to our energy, the bankruptcy to our motivation.

But why do you continue to subject yourself to this self-perpetuating doom?

Well, that's the easy part. Poor planning!

I have 5 of the best snacks anyone can plan for. I also threw in a couple of recipes to help spice things up. Just remember that you can down these by themselves and be fine.

Best Office Snacks

1) Avocado This one gets the employee of the year in the snack department. He's full of satiating fat (yes, fat is good) and you can throw him in a number of recipes. Do not neglect him. Recipe: Avocado Cucumber Snack Bites

2) Macadamias With the lowest Omega 6 ratio, macadamias pack a nutritional punch and are the best nut option. Recipe: Spiced Macadamia Nuts

3) Eggs Organic eggs are an excellent source of selenium, vitamin A, vitamin D and B vitamins. Don't worry about the yolk, eat it. No more egg whites. This snack is the employee of the month because it's a great source of protein and fat, so eat it. Recipe: Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

4) Almond Butter This stuff is amazing. Whether it be in a protein shake or spread on a celery stick (organic), this snack gets the all around achievement. If you want a drooling recipe, try this. Recipe: Bananas With Almond Butter And Coconut

5) Lean Deli Meats Lean deli meats come in at one of the best office snacks because they're so damn easy. Just through a couple of slices in your bag and go. Mix it with an avocado and you have yourself a power packed, fulfilling snack. Recipe: Just make sure your deli choice has no nitrates and is organic. This is very important.

So you thought the best office snacks where going to be prepackaged deliciousness huh? Nope, this junk can stay in your garbage because it wears you down.

Your goal is to be a lean, mean, clear thinking machine and this is how you start.

Start by cleaning up your midday habits and picking the best snacks. Controlling your insulin level will help control the way you think and feel. Now who wouldn't want more of that?

Do you eat bad snacks in the middle of the day? What are they? Comment below.


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