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A Striiv Play Pedometer Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o, I hear you're looking for the best pedometer for walking, running, climbing and flying? Okay, so maybe not flying but you get my point. This Striiv Play pedometer review will give you the insight on my personal experience so you can decide if you want to spend your hard-earned money on this product.

If you want to see it unboxed and how functions instead, click here.

Striiv Play Pedometer Review

Pedometer for an office rat

I work in an office where I tend to my desk most of the day. It's unfortunate because I like to move around but the office ergonomics have worked against me over the years. I began to think and decided that getting up and moving during they day would benefit me greatly.

Luckily, I was given the Striiv Play as a gift for Christmas and since then I average 3,000 more steps a day than I normally would. I typically hit right around 7,000. I know that's way off from the 10,000 goal but give me a break.

The Striiv Play pedometer keeps me motivated and accountable. Besides, if I don't walk more people could make fun of me, now who wants that?

Striiv Play Pedometer Review

Here's the truth! This little gadget is neat, fun and keeps you moving. I'm going to share with you my top pros and cons so you can make your own judgment. It's as easy as that.

The Good

  • Small and lightweight
  • Great quality, not cheaply built
  • Nice interface on the Striiv Play gadget
  • Creates challenges to keep you accountable
  • You can compete against other people
  • Theirs walkathons for charity
  • Free app
  • Durable

I went swimming with it and it still worked. It didn't bear so well in my washer and dryer but I don't recommend you try either.

The Bad and The Ugly

  • Battery life lasts me 3 days max
  • It can only be synced with the iPhone app
  • Doesn't track sleep
  • Syncing issues (I believe they fixed this on the last software update)
  • Reminders, see below.

I would like the reminders to be a little more intrusive. Typically I'm not on my phone all day so I still have to rely on my self motivation. It would be great if their was a way to build in a vibration system so every 60 minutes you go inactive the gadget would vibrate. The vibration would be a reminder to get up and move.

Or maybe it could have shock system instead?

All in all this little gadget gets an A for my fitness review

It's small sleek and gets me up and moving which is what it was designed to do. If you're looking to buy the best pedometer for walking then I feel this is it. Yes, their's other options but this little gadget lets you compete against other people, has challenges and has a nifty role-playing game.

Best pedometer for walkingEither way it's your choice and I hope this Striiv Play pedometer review gave you the insight you needed to make the right decision for you. If not, remember to take a look at the below article:

Striiv Play Pedometer Unboxed And How To Set It Up

Or you can CLICK HERE to buy now.

I guarantee you'll enjoy it. Just make sure to use it for what it's worth.

P.S. This Striiv Play pedometer review is based on my personal experience which I feel is the best pedometer for walking. I will never review any product unless I've tried it myself.


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