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5 Stupidly Simple Hacks to Turn You into an A Player

You love your work but you're not great at it. Everything is a little complicated. Things move too quick while you move slow.

You're like an elephant in quick sand.

Become an A Player

You're a C player. You want to be an A player like some people you now. Like me (let me stroke my own ego for a minute).

Stupid people say there's no "I" in team but you better be damn sure there's a "me."

Focus on these 5 "me" things and become an A player that you and your team so desperately need.

Stuff your face with deliciousness

Quit putting shitty foods in your mouth. It's that simple. The more junk you consume the more it effects the way your brain fires.

A players are smart and your best advantage is to eat for your brain. Drop the sugary crap and eat brain food, quality fats and protein.

Hack: Stop consuming sugary drinks and foods. This is a C player habit.

Get now

Sitting in front of the TV shoving your face with Doritos is another C player trait.

Exercise gets your blood flowing, decreases stress and give you time to think about your goals.

Fit people tend to be more persuasive and confident, there's your added bonus.

Hack: start with a fast 30min walk in the morning.

Fall asleep and stay asleep

You roll out of bed and drag through the morning. You're slow, grumpy and tired.

I just stereotyped 95% of the planet.

Getting a good night sleep gives you energy, makes you smarter and increases your ability to perform.

You should feel refreshed right when you get up. No sloth like traits first thing in the morning.

Hack: Take a magnesium supplement at night and read this post

Forget school and continue to educate yourself

A players are frequent learners. They read a ton, ask a lot of questions and follow mentors.

If you don't try to learn or improve your skills every day, you've lost.

Sales people refine their skills, they learn the art of cold calling, creating value and networking. Purchasing executives learn the art of negotiating, networking and psychology. Leaders learn to lead, inspire and plan for the future. Shall I keep going?

Hack: If you haven't read in awhile, start with this book.

Have fun and be silly

A players learn how to have fun and connect with other people.

They bond with their team, family and friends every day. If you don't have fun with your team you're not an A player. We started to have "Beer Fridays" at Skylink. We can thank Colin for the idea.

So, the real question is, are you an A player? If not, start with these small hacks and level up. Quite being mediocre and making mediocre excuses.

Everyone wants a strong team member, nobody wants a C player. Think about it.

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