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5 Vitamins For Brain Power

When it comes to health, most people focus on vanity metrics. Metrics that don’t provide much health value to you. Vanity metrics lead to short-term results with you ending up back to where you started. Chowing on the Doritos in the cabinet so you're wife doesn’t find out. vitamins for brin power 

Just between us, I have these vanity metrics as well. The difference is I set other goals that take priority. Goals that create enough pain and enough pleasure to get me up off the couch and making changes.

Do you have such goals?

I eat for my brain. If I eat for my brain, I eat for the rest of my body. It’s as simple as that. 95% of everything I do is for the little nugget in my head, whether it’s getting deeper sleep, creating a sleep sanctuary, meditating, exercising, learning, you name it, I’m trying to increase the output of my mental capabilities.

Yet, very few people say “I need to increase my brain power.” They focus predominately on their body and on vanity.

This is stupid! Nobody moves the needle in their life without what I call it the trifecta effect, the connection of the mind, body and soul.

No wonder we have so many people with brain fog and making stupid, irrational decisions. You feed your brain shitty nutrients and expect it to perform at maximum capacity.

One of the best ways besides learning something new is eating quality nutrients. They fuel your brain for the most power. Forget the flab and feed your brain with these 5 vitamins for brain power.

Vitamins for brain power

Eating and supplementing with vitamins for brain power is crucial to making your life spark. Being quicker at making decisions and being more rational, the health of your brain is essential to the health of your life and the health of your body.

Omega 3

Plastered all over the media and billions of dollars of shelf space now taken up in grocery and health food stores, Omega 3 DHA has hit the hype. This micronutrient is the building block for the brain function.

When you look at the research studies of fetal development you’ll see a clear indication that when mothers do not get enough DHA it directly affects the baby's brain function and intelligence. So it’s a very important fat for brain function.

The best way to get your DHA is through cold-water, fatty-fish and shellfish. If you're pregnant this isn't practical as your doctor tells you to chill out on seafood. The next best thing is fish oil and cod liver oil. Be very careful of the brands as cheap is not better unless you rather pay more for toxins.

Omega 3 is on the top of the list for vitamins for brain power.

Vitamin B12

B12 is a crucial nutrient for humans. It’s not found in any plant foods and is one of the reasons we need to eat meat and shellfish. It helps develop cofactors of myelin which is the protective sheath around your nerves. Myelin plays a huge role in the nervous system of the brain. It’s then safe to say even with how important this vitamin is, the population is severely deficient.

The best way to get your fair share of B12 is by eating meat, eggs, shellfish and fish.

Since it’s non-toxic at even high doses supplementing is a fair strategy as well. 400 micrograms will work for you.


Choline is a micronutrient that not only get’s your brain firing but it’s also super important for overall health. It helps with cognitive performance, memory and it helps prevent neurotoxicity. It also plays a crucial role in liver detoxification.

It’s found in one of my favorite things…egg yolks. It’a also found in liver but blah. Don’t get me wrong I’ll eat liver but I’m not jumping for joy when it’s on the dinner table. Eat more free range, cage free, organic eggs and you’ll have the most nutritious yolk.


Iron is required for adequate delivery of oxygen to the brain. If you don’t need oxygen then just skip to the next section.

In order for the brain to work properly it needs oxygen and glucose (ketones). This is why I encourage you to start deep breathing exercises in your morning routine. Exercise also gets blood to the brain which is one reason why you feel alive after exercising.

The best way to get iron is by eating organ meats, red meat, and shellfish. Stick to grass-fed. Iron is best absorbed through meat than it is through plant-based forms. You can supplement with iron, but getting a heavy dose in healthy meats is ideal.

Vitamin D

Low vitamin D levels pose a whole heap of issues that are associated with cognitive issues in the elderly. Vitamin D preserves cognitive function so if you’re looking to protect and increase your brain power, supplementing with vitamin D is a good bet for your health. I typically take 5,000mg.

The best option for overall well-being is to get in the sun with large surfaces of skin exposed. This isn’t a cookout to bake your skin you want just enough vitamin D absorption. If you’re even getting slightly pink you’ve had enough. I have to worry about skin cancer so 10 minutes between 11am - 2pm will do for me. Getting outside not only gets you vitamin D but it's also has many other psychological effects.

Getting these 5 vitamins for brain power into your diet you’ll see positive effects, especially if you don’t follow a healthy eating habits protocol where most of the good vitamins and nutrients come from.

Do you make an effort to take care of your brain? Answer this question on FB or Twitter so we can chat.

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