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Best Way To Burn Fat and Eat Healthy

I want to live a healthy life. As an entrepreneur and business professional, it’s imperative that my mind and body are performing at its best.

If I have a heart problem and need constant medical attention, irritable bowl syndrome, headaches and even brain fog, I am performing at less than my greatest potential.

Best way to burn fat by eating healthy

If I’m performing below my full potential, so is my business.

I can’t lead my team as I should, my thought processes aren’t as sharp as they need to be and my energy is in the dumps.

It’s my goal to upgrade myself which translates to upgrading my businesses [TWEET THIS]

For that reason I have spent years trying various strategies to make it easier for me to eat healthy.

We all tend to get wrapped up in all the minute details and forget to understand the big picture. 

It’s not when you eat, it’s how you eat.

How to eat healthy by thinking less

Eating healthy is easy. The less you think the easier it’ll get.

The main idea is to eat whole foods that are unprocessed and grew or lived outdoors. The less man has messed with it, the better it will be.

Focus on this…

When you go to the grocery store focus on the perimeter of the store. This is where the meats, produce, and seafood exist. This is where 95% of your time is spent and where your eating healthy habits will be focused.

Of course you’ll have to go down an occasional isle for spices but get in and get out.

You’ll be less likely to fall for temptations and marketing tactics. 2 for 1 anyone? 

Focus on the perimeter of the store and you’ll eat better and spend less time in the store.

Avoid mindless eating...

After a long day of work you get home and head straight to the pantry.

You grab a bag of chips and the next thing you know the bag is half gone. You eat dinner, sit in front of the T.V. and grab a pint of ice cream.

These simple daily routines are what we call mindless eating. They're habits you’ve created whether you know it or not. 

You’ll have to break these habits to cut the calories you need to begin a healthy lifestyle.

Bags of snacks and pints of ice cream have been designed for you to consume more than a single serving.

Try these small tips to avoid mindless eating.

  • Use smaller plates & bowls.
  • Don’t eat out of the bag. Put a serving on a plate.
  • Only snack at the table or standing up.
  • Break large snack bags down into single serving pouches.

A guiltless way to eat whatever you want

We are social beings and as a business professional you’ll have outings with clients where you’ll be tempted to eat bad.

Guess what?

That's fine! Life is about enjoying the company of others, having fun, and feeling great. 

You know very well that when you eat healthy, you feel better.

I do too.

And when you feel better you perform better. But don’t get caught up on stressing yourself out over what you need to eat.

If you screw up, fine. Just follow the screw up with a few days of eating healthy. Jump back on board.

Top performers get back on track. Have fun, enjoy life and if you screw up fix it. 

Best way to burn fat and be healthy

I don’t walk around scanning labels at the grocery store or counting calories when I’m eating out.

I take on a simple eating process. It's the best way to burn fat and feel great.

  • I don’t follow a diet plan. I eat unprocessed foods that have lived outdoors. If man altered it in any way I stay away.
  • I never count calories. I base everything on how I feel and how I look. My body tells me when I’m full.
  • I want to feel and perform better. I follow strategies to upgrade my mind, body and soul.

The best way to burn fat and feel healthy is by eating whole foods, not counting your calories and avoiding a mainstream diet.

Quite the mindless eating, don't get caught up in the minute details and focus on the bigger picture. This is where a nutrition coach can play a crucial role.

It’s your health and your business. You have the option to make or break both. 

Are you eating junk? How do you feel? How does it affect you both mentally and physically? Comment below.


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