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What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou wake up, roll out of bed and head to the bathroom. Once your half-open eyes make contact with the mirror you wonder what happened over the years.


You’re flabby, your posture is anything but confident and you feel like crap.

Flus, colds and stomach pains frequent your days. Your doctors see you more than they see their best friends.

But not only has stress impacted your health, your motivation stinks.

Sound familiar? It’s an all too often occurrence in the business world. The stress and hustle of the business environment is anything but forgiving to your body.

You've lost the connection between your mind, body and soul. Every time you look in the mirror it seems to get worse.

The good news is our bodies are resilient, strong, durable works of art.

You don’t have to be fat, flabby and out of shape.

Eat well and feel well

The reason you have become the product you see in the mirror is because you've made decisions against your body's natural tolerance.

This doesn't happen overnight.

You have poor sleep habits, poor ability to cope with stress and your nutrition habits are drive thrus and processed foods.

These 3 decisions are huge reasons why you're flabby, unmotivated and have no energy.

Trying to get better sleep, coping with stress and changing your eating habits is overwhelming to learn all at once.

This is why focusing on your nutrition first is so incredibly important. It's where the majority of the results are achieved.

Once you have a sound nutrition plan you will have a stronger ability to get better sleep and cope with stress. When adrenal fatigue settles, cortisol levels are managed and insulin sensitivity is balanced, you can focus on other areas.

Eating healthy is easy and delicious

Gone are the days where you think eating healthy is a chicken breast and side of salad.

Eating well is a delicious, satisfying way to feel great and be the best business owner you can be. [TWEET THIS]

It will give energy to get through the day and make better decisions.

It will also help change your flab into muscle. Your brain into bronze. Your...

Okay, you get my point.

Eating healthy is delicious. Your mouth should water at the thought of your next meal.

How does a bacon and sausage stir fry omelet sound for breakfast? Maybe a coconut milk, berry blend for a snack? Or even better, pan seared chicken with curry parsnip and a side of spicy mushrooms?

This is why we are creating a recipe book with quick, succulent delicious recipes that time strapped entrepreneurs can make in a hurry.

You see eating healthy is delicious, satisfying and can change the very thing you think of when you look in the mirror. It will also change how you feel throughout the day.

Have your thoughts changed as you’ve looked in the mirror over the years? Would you take advantage of easy recipes to fit your lifestyle? Comment below.

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