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Omega-3 and Mental Decline

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n 2010, the World Health Organization quipped that without mental health, psychical health is useless. How will you go on living healthily if you can’t think steadily?


In Australia, more than 332, 000 Australians are living with dementia, with 1,700 new cases each week. In the UK, 750,000  have dementia with which more than 16,000 are younger people. Dementia in most countries in the world drains a large part of the economy to help the population overcome the condition, prompting government to spend billions every year.

Dementia is a major example of mental health decline.

How Mental Health Decline is Addressed

Mostly, mental decline is addressed by doing things right. Eating right, exercising right (mentally and physically) and taking the right supplements.

Mild cognitive decline are often characterized by lapses in memory and other functions into serious lapses that can affect not only daily activities but life. The mild cognitive decline at the start is manageable but over time it may develop into serious dementia which gets worse with age.

So how do you prevent dementia or address it during its early stages [Tweet this]?

Here are some ways to do it.

1. Eat healthy. Avoid processed foods. Eat fruits and green vegetables. You'll be surprised how processed foods can mash your brain into nothing. Including brains foods in your diet is also recommended.

2. Exercise. Exercising makes  every cell in your body become alive. It keeps your body well circulated which affects brain function.

3. Exercise mentally. Mental games and doing things which keeps you thinking can be a good way to exercise your mind. Puzzle games, word games, etc.

4. Supplement on Omega-3. Omega-3 is filled with DHA and all other fatty acids which help boost brain and cognitive function and help against cognitive decline.

Omega-3 on Brain Heath

For many years now, the potential positive effect of omega-3 on brain health is discussed, published and studied.

In a study conducted by the University of Oxford,  the level of omega-3 DHA in the blood are related to the measures of cognition and good behavior among school children with below average reading ability.

On the other hand, consumption of omega-3 among older populations may cut the chance of developing dementia. This is because the DHA in the omega-3 may keep the nerve cells alive and healthy.

EPA, another omega-3 fatty acid has therapeutic effects against all other mental illness like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADD and of course dementia. This fatty acid alone has the capacity to tone down the side effects of psychiatric and neurological drugs.

Also according to another study, those who have higher levels of omega-3 have larger brain volumes during old age. This is good news since when brains shrink (atrophy), Alzheimer’s sets in.

Author: Roselen works for a health magazine and is also a blogger. She was raised as a healthy eater too. She's driven to write tips about depression, women empowerment and all the other health related stuff. You can check for more of these health and fitness news.

Tell me, what steps do you take to keep up your brain health? Or maybe you don't take any, explain that as well ;-). Comment below.


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