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Quick HIIT Ladder Home Workout

Are you looking for a quick workout to kick your butt back into shape? This simple at home workout can be done anywhere. Bedroom, garage, outside, on the side of a mountain. 


I would recommend you avoiding the bedroom if you have carpet. Nothing worse than smelly carpet from intense sweat.

Don't worry the picture does this workout no justice. 

So what are you waiting for?

Getting started

Leg Swings: 30sec each leg Knee up twists (knee to elbow): 30sec Squat with toe kick touch: 30sec Line Jumps: 30sec Jump Rope or jumping jacks: 30sec

HIIT Ladder Home Workout

60 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat 60 Sec – High Knees 60 Sec – Burpee 60 Sec – Jumping Jacks 20 Sec – Rest

50 sec – Flutter Kick Squat 50 Sec – High Knees 50 Sec – Burpee 50 Sec – Jumping Jacks 20 Sec – Rest

40 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat 40 Sec – High Knees 40 Sec – Burpee 40 Sec – Jumping Jacks 20 Sec – Rest

30 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat 30 Sec – High Knees 30 Sec – Burpee 30 Sec – Jumping Jacks 20 Sec – Rest

20 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat 20 Sec – High Knees 20 Sec – Burpee 20 Sec – Jumping Jacks 20 Sec – Rest

10 Sec – Flutter Kick Squat 10 Sec – High Knees 10 Sec – Burpee 10 Sec – Jumping Jacks 20 Sec – Rest

The concept of this workout is to push you to your limit. [CLICK TO TWEET]

With brief rests avoid the mental urge to give up and give it 100% of your effort for maximum exertion and results.

There's no growth in the comfort zone.


Besides bringing yourself there are tools that will help maximize your results:

Foam roller: This will help you roll out any tension in your muscles before you workout so you can get a good stretch in your squats and toe kicks.

Jump rope: Instead of jumping jacks you can add a layer of intensity with a jump rope. I personally use a weighted jump rope unless I’m boxing that day.

Epsom salt: I not only love baths, but I also love epsom salt in my bath to help with soreness. You may need this after this workout...unless you don’t push yourself and make the workout easy.

That’s it.

Hopefully you’re sweating profusely.

Did you give this workout a try? What did you think? Comment below.

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