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How To Spot A Shitty Person

How To Spot A Shitty Person

Punch him in the nose was my first thought. Not just a gentle love tap. A knock-his-lights-out right hook.

People are shitty.

We run into them throughout our lives. Some are better than others, but we’ll have the leftover of someone shitty stuck on your shoe at some point.

You can't escape them.

Here are a few ways that have helped me spot a shitty person and avoid them at all costs.

They gossip behind EVERYONE’S back.


Gossip is talking shit. It's telling stories about things that aren't confirmed. Most of it is bullshit.

Gossiping is part of some people’s DNA.

They live for it. They seek out their next gossip victim.

It's because of their weak personality they don’t address me in person. It's a character flaw — someone who's conflict-averse. Someone shitty.

Healthy conflict is good. It's what helps me become better. It's what helps push me towards my goals.

Gossip is bad.

So is assuming.

They lie.

People lie about everything. They lie about what they ate, who they saw, what they did, who they are.

Avoid perpetual liars.

It's better to tell the truth than flop around with a lie.

It's not always easy. Sometimes you have to give unfavorable truth. But it's your job.

Your duty.

Because they like to lie, they LOVE to pin others against each other. It's in their sadistic DNA to watch others get mad at each other as they come in as the savior.

They appear as the shining white night, but in fact, they're lit up with darkness.

What you do in the dark, you do in the light.

They always blame others.


They're never accountable for themselves. They can't own their mistakes. They can't own the reality they live in. They make endless excuses.

They often tell lies to other people to cover up their mistakes.

It was him.

It wasn't fair.

I didn't have this.

Blah, blah, blah.

Spend your time around strong people who are passionate about achieving their goals.

They're unhelpful.

They see others struggling and don't ask to help.

They're selfish.

They care only about themselves.

Impolite and rude.


A woman worked for me for two days until I had to fire her for many of the reasons above.

Talk about me failing during the interview process (that's accountability by the way).

She dropped her notebook on the floor while leaving the office.

I went to pick it up for her, and she said, "NO! I got it. You're not helping me."

People's true colors come out in stressful and difficult situations.

They never smile.

Shitty people frown. They growl. They're unhappy. You look at them with a smile and they scowl back at you.

I was checking into a hotel on a business trip. I was joking with the woman at the check-in desk when an older gentleman walked up next to me.

He leaned on the counter.

I could hear him breathing. He was overweight. He was in my intimate personal space, which is about three feet.

My instinct was to ask him if he could give me space, but this was a patience test.

I looked at him and smiled.

I did this a few times to make him feel a little uneasy.

It didn’t work.

He didn't move, and I checked in and left…with a smile.

Being a narcissist runs through their veins.


All they care about is themselves.

They never want to help, they have zero interest in you, and their days are spent fulfilling me, me, me requests.

Spend your days as you will, but avoid being punched in the face by shitty people.

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