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How to Deal With Shitty People

How to Deal With Shitty People

It's the shitty people apocalypse. They're loose everywhere.

Must. Find. Shelter.

To avoid these type of people, you need first to learn how to spot them, and then, deal with them.

Here's how…

Always be polite.

Don't seek their level of shittiness. When they're rude, you're nice.

Be sincere. Use your manners.

Kill their negativity with your kindness.

Address issues with the person directly.

healthy conflict

We think conflict is bad. It's not.

Healthy conflict stretches us. It helps us think outside of the box. It gets us to think about things differently.

Don't sweep issues under the rug, where they have the chance to ferment and grow. Address them kindly and to the point.

  • When you spoke to me last night, it caused a problem because of x, y, and z.

  • What can you do next time to talk to me differently and consider my feelings?

Whatever it is, address it to their face, with respect.

If they don't acknowledge your feelings, it's another way to spot a shitty person.

Keep your distance but don't be afraid to engage.

When you deal with these people, they drain you. They suck the life right out of you but you don't want to be a coward.

If they're shitty to you, engage them in an open conversation.

One of my wive’s cousins was at lunch with people from work. An employee at the time was being rude.

She ordered her meal. He asked her why she didn't order tacos.

"Why would I order tacos?"

He said, "you're Mexican."

"I'm not Mexican. I'm Colombian."

"The same thing," he concluded.

At this point, staying calm is essential. He’s a giant jackass.

She didn't engage, but the guy needs a wake-up call.

This should have transpired after his last comment…

oh, that's a great observation. You’re so astute. I was wondering why you didn't wear overalls, as most white trash I know can't leave home without them."

Don't socialize with them beyond your required need.

You owe them nothing. To socialize with them will bring you down.

They pull you into the gutter they call life.

Be polite. Exchange information if the job requires it, but don't do any more than is necessary.

Always speak the truth.

Even if it's hard. Gossip is toxic.

If they get upset about minor things, that's on them. If they screw up, let them know.

"Hi Shitty Person, yesterday this item was due, but it shipped to the wrong location. Any reason you did it that way?"

Don't gossip about their screw ups behind their back.

Speak to them directly.

I had two team members who hated each other. Admittedly, one was a narcissist who pinned people against each other.

When management confronted the issue, they both wanted to push the issue under the rug.

They didn't want to confront each other.

That was a big mistake.

I'll do it differently next time. When there's conflict, people must talk it out.

Stay focused on your personal vision, mission, and values.

You know who you are. You know what's most important.

Shitty people will pull you away from these.

Stay true to your values.

Stay calm, upbeat, and happy.

staying calm

Even when things aren't going your way or when someone is rude, always stay calm.

Crack a smile. Be upbeat.

The best way to diminish a shitty attitude is with a good one.

When you have a great attitude about life, the people with shitty attitudes stick out like a pile of crap. They may even change their ways.

Calm is contagious.

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