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Hey there! I'm Nate.

I'm the CEO of Skylink Group and founder of JetFuel Coffee Co.

This website is my journey. My wins, my failures and the key lessons I’ve learned that keep me going. 

Here I hope to help you thrive and optimize life’s potential.

What are you waiting for?

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-Nate Anglin

This Will Instantly Change How People First Think Of You

This Will Instantly Change How People First Think Of You

He woke up moody. Never happy. A miserable chump that liked being a grump.

Do you know someone like this? Be honest. Is it you?

This will change how people view you

Maybe you’re not grumpy, maybe you’re sad, a perpetual crier, liar or any unfriendly emotion/habit.

We all go through these emotions at some point in our lives. We all experience pain, failure and sadness.

But, these emotions aren’t attractive. People don't say, man, he’s always in a bad mood, I think I like him.

That never happens!

To attract others (not in the dating sense) but to generally be liked, you have to radiate positivity.

Think of all the truly loved people in the world. What’s the one trait they exude?

Happiness, positivity and an amazing smile.

If you want people to like you, look likable, and that all starts with...

Smile often and watch more people like you.

A smile is a powerful “friend” signal. Smiling faces are judged to be more attractive, more likable, and less dominant” says Jack Shafer in his book “The Like Switch: An Ex-FBI Agent's Guide to Influencing, Attracting, and Winning People Over.

When you smile, you become approachable. It becomes difficult for others not to smile back. With your smile, you change the way they feel, about you and about themselves.

Two studies from 2002 and 2011 at Uppsala University in Sweden confirmed that other people’s smiles actually suppress the control we usually have over our facial muscles, compelling us to smile. They also showed that it’s tough to frown when looking at someone who smiles.

I hate conferences. It’s the introvert in me. So many people. So many things. I want to run to my hotel room and hide.

But it’s something I need to do.

So I smile.

At a conference in Dubai, I walked through the doors. I made my hallway rounds just walking, not doing much of anything. Just taking it all in.

I told myself, Nate, don’t be B!#$. So I pulled my shoulders back and began smiling at people who I made eye contact with.

They would smile back, and conversations would begin. Sometimes I’d approach them, others times they’d walk up to me.

One lady from Germany approached me with a smile, and she said, I think I know you.

You do I said?

“Yes, I’ve watched your videos, and they’re incredibly informative, and you haven’t recorded one in a while.” And a sales conversation began.

The power of a smile.

Make your smile genuine. Don’t look like you belong in a wax museum.


Have you ever witnessed a fake smile? Or in the gossip world, the duck face?

They’re awful. It makes you instantly disconnect with the person.


A fake smile is often lopsided to your dominant side. So if you’re right handed your phony smile will lift higher on the right.

A great, genuine smile, lifts on both sides, shows your pearly whites, and the other person can feel the sincerity through your eyes.

Practice your smile in the mirror. Get comfortable not faking it. Get comfortable with smiling.

A smile challenge that will change your day forever.

Here’s my challenge…

Give a genuine smile to every person you make eye contact with today.

If you argued with someone yesterday, and you make eye contact with them today, just smile and ask them how they’re doing today.

Arguments and conflict don’t need to last a lifetime.

Once you go through your 24-hour smile spree, come back here and comment on what you learned.

You’ll meet new friends. You’ll see grumpy people smile and you’ll change their day. You’ll come back with a new perspective that life doesn’t need to be so serious.

Have fun and thanks for reading.

Be humble. Be hungry. Be you.

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