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Warning: Your Office Chair is Killing your Productivity

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ave you ever felt completely exhausted at 3pm, even after you chugged a gallon of coffee or ate healthy meals as your supposed to? I have. You may not be aware of it, but your office chair is killing your productivity, if not you.

Productivity and office chair pain

I have to sit at my desk for long hours. Answering calls, emails, marketing, you name it, it's mostly done at my desk. After lunch, 3pm will stroll by and my motivation and energy levels are completely gone. I would want to skip my mid afternoon workout, go home, reach in my pantry and stuff my face full of Doritos. Now, if that sounds bad…IT IS! I would have to fight myself into motivation.

Here are a few ways your office chair may be killing your productivity and possibly you:

1. Back Problems

Oh my neck hurts. My back feels like a dump truck ran over it. Sound familiar?

Well it should. Regardless if you have an ergonomically correct chair, a lumbar support, your office chair is one of the worst things for you…even with a doughnut on your desk.

We weren't made to sit all day. And when we do we bare all the weight in our pelvis and spine. This puts a HUGE amount of pressure on our back, creating back problems.

We have evolved to bear the weight in our hips, knees and ankles. You obviously can't do that sitting down. The good news about back problems is it's created an industry and millions of dollars are made at your expense.

2. Poor Posture

Poor posture can directly lead to back problems but it can also be bad for your productivity. Have you ever been attracted to someone who slouches and walks with a hunch? What about negotiating a million dollar deal with an unconfident sloucher?

Poor posture is more than just a health risk resulting to back problems. It is productivity suicide. It can further be associated with depression and a feeling of dejection, according to Dr. Daniel Zagst.

Poor posture is an uninviting gesture and can result to many issues, such as mental and social imbalances.

3. Reduced Productivity

Let's you sit for 12 hours a day. Now, lets say you sit for 12 hours a day and that causes you to be unproductive.

Doesn't that piss you off?

It would me. I don't want to sit for 12 hours and not accomplish as much as I could have. An office chair can lead to this and severally hurt your productivity. Your back problems resulting from poor posture can lead to pain, reducing your motivation and distracting you. Fidgeting and moving around to ease the pain then further pulls from your productivity.

We don't think of it often enough, but our office chair can be killing how we should get things done. From back problems and poor posture to reduction in confidence and productivity.

Tip:Use a stability ball in place of your current chair. This will help engage your core and help fix your poor posture.

What problems have you experienced from sitting to long. Comment below?



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