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How Safe Is Your Productivity From Sloppy Business Attire?

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou try to wake up in the morning but instead hit the snooze button and sleep in for 30 more minutes. You then panic, throw on whatever clothes that are closest to you, fill up the coffee mug and bolt out the door.

Sound familiar?

The clothes you wear effects your productivity in the workplace

Well, I hate to break it to you, but the slop of mismatched clothes you're throwing on may be hurting what you've worked so hard to achieve.

This one little oversight can be so stupid in thought, but detrimental in practice.

How you dress determines what people think of you and is limiting your productivity in the workplace. You appear to be lazy, insecure and unmotivated.

Maybe you associate your attire to a dead end job, an uneventful life, or an unproductive mentality. This only leads to less opportunity, less production, and less attention from people who matter.

Dressing better makes you be better

We've all heard of the overused, annoying and over-popularized cliche "dress for success." But it packs a punch and holds truth. John T. Molloy actually wrote a book with this exact title and for this exact reason.

Your probably thinking him and myself are full of it, but it's a fact. The better you dress, the more likely you'll be productive in the workplace, confident, and likely to get hired [Tweetable].

If someone walked into an interview with me, sloppy, messy, and with bad hygiene they wouldn't stand a chance. It tells me that they don't care and if they don't care why should I.

Here are 3 benefits of "dressing for success:"

1) Confidence - If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good your going to be more productive. Crazy right? Others will view you as a confident person which can further lead to respect and trust.

2) No second, first impressions - First impressions are everything. Why do you think all the dads dislike their daughters' boyfriends? Their first impressions stink  (okay so there may be more to this than just impression). You will never get the first impression back and we all make judgments and assumptions on first impressions… it's human nature wether you like it or not.

3) Credibility - Dressing like upper level management, or some respectable chap who cares about them self will immediately build credibility. If your in a nice suit with polished shoes standing next to someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed, who has the immediate credibility? You do!

A recent poll was done by Savvy Sugar who asked if people were more productive when they looked better. 85% of the respondents said they got more done when they were dressed well.

Don't Complicate Things

You dont have to go out and spend an absurd amount of money to look clean and fresh. Okay, so maybe you need to spend a little but focus in small steps.

The one BIGGEST area you need to focus on is grooming. Do you smell good, are your hands clean, and is your hair maintained? Bad grooming can make any suit look sloppy.

Focus on these small details to begin looking crisp:

  • Ironing and/or dry cleaning is a must, no excuses for wrinkly cloths.
  • Make sure you match and if you're color blind, get assistance.
  • Shoes! You have to have a few decent pairs of shoes.
  • Tone up by working out. Utilize a free gym membership.

Invest in your wardrobe and it will pay you back. Productivity in the workplace is crucial to your success and so is your wardrobe.

Do you think the way you dress effects productivity in the workplace? Comment below.


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