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Hey there! I'm Nate.

I'm the CEO of Skylink Group and founder of JetFuel Coffee Co.

This website is my journey. My wins, my failures and the key lessons I’ve learned that keep me going. 

Here I hope to help you thrive and optimize life’s potential.

What are you waiting for?

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-Nate Anglin

8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.

8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.

Be Great: Quote

[Tweet ""No One Ever Achieved Greatness By Playing it Safe." -Harry Gray"]

Be Great: Life

8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M. 

"Life is busy. It can feel impossible to move toward your dreams. If you have a full-time job and kids, it’s even harder. How do you move forward? If you don’t purposefully carve time out every day to progress and improve — without question, your time will get lost in the vacuum of our increasingly crowded lives."

This pairs well with the post How to Plan Your Day for Ultimate Success.

Why do People Die Early in Certain Countries? 

"Today 150,000 people will die. But how do all these people die? Unsurprisingly, where you were born plays a major role in just how you shuffle off the mortal coil (or are dragged off of it)."

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Be Great: Health

5 Ways to Build Muscle with Bodyweight Training

"It is not a secret anymore that bodyweight training is suitable for building muscle. People all over the internet proved this over and over, but still there is some sort of confusion out there. Why do some people gain muscle mass easily with bodyweight training and others don’t?"

The Joe Rogan Experience with Wim Hof

*More about Wim Hofs method of breathing here.

A kick ass podcast by none other than Joe Rogan. Over some beers he chats with Wim Hof, a monster in his own right, about how we can control our immune system through breathing. Neat episode to listen to on your way to work.

Antioxidants, free radicals and melanoma spread – what’s going on?

"There’s actually very little solid evidence that antioxidants reduce a person’s risk of cancer, nor help treat the disease. In fact, some large clinical trials even show the opposite." Here's my melanoma story.

9 Houseplants That Clean The Air and Are Nearly Impossible to Kill

"What’s green, enjoys the sunshine, drinks water and can improve the quality of air in your house? If you guessed a houseplant, then you are correct! According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air pollution is one of the greatest risks to public health"

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Be Great: Business

5 Excuses I'm Sick of Hearing

"Simply put, excuses are never the reason for why a person did or didn’t do something but a revision of reality and justification for why they did or did not do something."

How to Say “No” When It Matters Most 

"To become “successful,” you have to say “yes” to a lot of experiments. To learn what you’re best at, or what you’re most passionate about, you have to throw a lot against the wall. Once your life shifts from pitching outbound to defending against inbound, however, you have to ruthlessly say “no” as your default. Instead of throwing spears, you’re holding the shield."

3 PROVEN Ways to Permanently Fix Your Neck and Shoulder Pain

I also recommend stand up desks. This one is the best.

"My neck, upper back, and shoulder pain got so bad I suffered from insomnia for almost 2 years. No matter what I did, the neck pain always seemed to find me. I was sitting down all day at work hunched over a computer. I tried improving my posture. But it didn’t work."

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Be Great: Books, Tech. and Kickass Resources

Varidesk Adjustable Standing Desk

By far the best and most economical stand-up desk on the market. It' easy to go from a seated to standing position. Keep your blood flowing, improve your postures and burn more calories.

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How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life

"Scott Adams has likely failed at more things than anyone you’ve ever met, including his corporate career, his inventions, his investments, and two restaurants. So how did he go from hapless office worker to the creator of Dilbert, one of the world’s most famous syndicated comic strips, in just a few years?"

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5 Ways to Survive Stress in the Workplace

5 Ways to Survive Stress in the Workplace

Learn or Die, is it Your Choice?

Learn or Die, is it Your Choice?