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Hey there! I'm Nate.

I'm the CEO of Skylink Group and founder of JetFuel Coffee Co.

This website is my journey. My wins, my failures and the key lessons I’ve learned that keep me going. 

Here I hope to help you thrive and optimize life’s potential.

What are you waiting for?

Join me and LET’S THRIVE!

-Nate Anglin

5 Ways to Survive Stress in the Workplace

5 Ways to Survive Stress in the Workplace

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5 Ways to Survive Stress in the Workplace

"From high blood pressure and heart disease to chronic headaches, internalizing stress may be causing more than you've bargained for. Next time someone in the office pushes you to the limit, take the following steps to stop short-term workplace drama from potentially creating detrimental long-lasting impact on your life.”

11 Tips for Sleeping Well on a Plane

"It is the bane of travelers getting on a plane for both business and pleasure—difficulty falling asleep in a seat, especially in coach, and the attendant horrors of jet lag after landing. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can decrease brain performance by 20 percent, so it’s crucial to anyone crossing time zones to rest as much as possible during the flight."

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How the Western Diet Has Derailed Our Evolution

“For the microbiologist Justin Sonnenburg, that career-defining moment—the discovery that changed the trajectory of his research, inspiring him to study how diet and native microbes shape our risk for disease—came from a village in the African hinterlands.”

Your smartphone may be stunting your child’s development

"It's oh so easy to put an electronic device in front of children to distract them. But Dan Siegel, founding codirector of the Mindful Awareness Research Center, advocates caution. Don’t allow devices to stunt important development."

Why sleep could be the key to tackling mental illness

“We are only beginning to unravel the genetic and biochemical basis of mental illness – a vague term including conditions as diverse as anxiety, depression, and mood and psychotic disorders. With millions of people suffering from such conditions, it is crucial that we find ways to improve diagnosis and treatment. But an increasing body of scientific evidence is now suggesting that we should turn our attention to one of our most basic functions: sleep.”

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How Hard Is Entrepreneurship Really?

"There's a really good story on Inc. on the dark realities of entrepreneurship. Not the rah rah, everything is so wonderful kind, but the brutal emotional truth: The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship. Read it.”

How People Make Big Decisions

"We all go through psychological steps when we make big decisions. Some people call this the “existential cycle,” which really has four stages: doing, contemplating, preparing, and experimenting.”

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The Checklist Manifesto

"The modern world has given us stupendous know-how. Yet avoidable failures continue to plague us in health care, government, the law, the financial industry—in almost every realm of organized activity. And the reason is simple: the volume and complexity of knowledge today has exceeded our ability as individuals to properly deliver it to people—consistently, correctly, safely.”


This is my external brain. I use it for everything. Notes, check. Checklists, check. Processes, check. Writing, check. Saved articles, check. If you don’t have this yet, you’re surely missing out.


At Skylink, we have some pretty nasty water. I’ve even written a post why you might as well be drinking out of the toilet. Bad water is nasty. You’d even be surprised what crap is in your bottled water too. I like all my stuff pure. Aquasana is the best and most reasonable I’ve come across. I even have their whole house system. Yes, bad shower water is bad for you too. Take a look, they’ve got some awesome stuff. If you have a question about something, tweet me.

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Are you Valuable?

Are you Valuable?

8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.

8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.