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What I learned from a pirate telling me to cut his b***s off…

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n my recent trip I was told by a pirate to cut his “balls” off and oddly enough I learned a life lesson from it. Nicky and I were in St. Thomas for a few day getaway. It was a time to disconnect, unwind and spend time away from the daily hustle bustle.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Work life balance

One of the days we trekked to Coki beach, a remote bay on the East side of the island.

While sitting on the beach after snorkeling a native Saint Thomian (we were told Saint being the keyword) came up to us. He had two coconuts in his hand. He “made” me stand up and grab them.

After I grabbed the coconuts he put his sweaty hat on me and said, pretend you’re a pirate chopping my “balls” off.


Stuck in your business

This energetic, flamboyant, loud, and incredibly nice St. Thomian made a great point.

Us entrepreneurs are all too accustomed to giving up our goodies and watching life pass us by. The only time you relax is when you're on vacation, if you even get that.

But why is this?

Well, for one it’s because you have poor work life balance and managing the two falls heavily on the work side.

Instead of working on your business, you work in your business [Tweet This]. Your subject to the daily day-to-day junk that keeps you grinding the wheel with little progress.

In order to fully be committed to your companies success you first must be committed to your own success. Now, I don’t mean financially, I mean physically, mentally and spiritually.

Isn’t that the true measure of success? I think so and I know the success of your business will follow.

Work life balance

The work life balance term has gained popularity over the last few years. Some people make it sound like psycho babble nonsense, but there is some great meaning behind the term.

Enjoy the beauty of the world, enjoy the company of friends and most of all enjoy being with your family.

Make sure to balance your life

Being able to balance your life is much more important than you realize.

You can continue to go down the work-all-day-until-you-drop path, where you’re stressed, overweight, and emotionally and physically dysfunctional.

But that’s a bunch of garbage and a result of all your excuses.

You can be healthy, have great relationships and have a fruitful company.

By being physically and mentally capable to look beyond the day-to-day and at life as a whole, your success will begin to flourish.

So if we can learn one thing from our St. Thomian friend it would be to keep your “balls” in your pants and to live life to the fullest, not just in your business. Don't let your goodies be sacrificed because all you do is work. 

Balance your life and your business will soon grow a pair of it's own.

P.S. “Balls” is a metaphor so you women entrepreneurs out there are subject to this as well ;-).

Have you lost your “balls” to your business? Tell me how below.


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