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The Excuse Epidemic and Why You're Failing

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]re you a type of person that's constantly making excuses? I don't have enough time for this, or I don't have enough time for that. But I have to get this done and this gets in the way of that. Maybe it's I don't know how to eat right or I don't know what workouts to do. Making excuses

You can see the evolutionary tale of excuses. One excuse leads to another.

Just recently I sent out a survey and asked "What's the biggest issue business professionals have with fitness?"

The majority of respondents said time. One respondent in particular said more directly that he didn't have enough time for working out or eating healthy.

What? Is this true?


The Excuse Epidemic

The excuse epidemic is brought on by people who rather be making excuses rather than a change.

Excuses are easy and require no thinking. I call this the anal reflux of the mouth. It just comes out.

And there my friends lays the biggest problem. You make an excuse and its over. No planning, no learning, no developing, nothing.

Making excuses is a defense mechanism for the unknown. You're scared, afraid, or lazy to accomplish something.

What that something is, is only known by you but making excuses has no accountability.

Saying you have no time for fitness and nutrition is like saying you have no time for your company's account receivables, sales goals, or budgets.

Complete ludicrous right?

Excuses are birthed from the inability to learn and adapt.

So you may not know much about nutrition and fitness, so what. You're probably still learning about the business environment. We should always be learning and changing to become better.

So get your butt in gear and ask for help, learn to make the change.

If you make excuses for your health then your business is no good with you running it. I can make such a bold statement because you are the health of your company. Without you it's nothing.

In order to act and think properly, your mind, body and soul must be aligned. Your excuses cloud your judgement and you just become another victim of the excuse epidemic.

Forget Making Excuses and Become Accountable

Becoming accountable for your actions and your goals will help you beat the excuse epidemic.

Write down your health goals.

Start with a big long-term vision. Maybe you want to become 50 pounds lighter, run a half marathon, or lower your blood pressure. Whatever it is, set the long-term goal.

Once you set this goal, write down how it'll help you in your career. I can tell you losing 50 pounds will give you more energy, more focus and more confidence. This will then turn into an increase in production, friendlier interactions and self fulfillment. Can you see how this will positively affect your business?

I hope so.

Once you have your long-term fitness goal and how it'll affect your business, create a few baby steps.

The baby-steps are necessary so you don't overwhelm yourself and fall victim to the excuse epidemic.

You can choose any of the following but choose what best suits your primary goal. Think hard about this.

  • Walk 5,000 steps each day
  • Workout 3 times a week for 20 minutes each
  • Eliminate gluten from your diet
  • Avoid all processed junk

Whatever your baby-steps are, choose one fitness baby-step and one nutrition baby-step. If that's too much then just start with nutrition.

The key to a healthy life and a healthy business is a healthy you [TWEET THIS].

Do you want to become immobile, grumpy and find an excuse for everything?

I didn't think so and I know you're better than that.

Receive the cure from the excuse epidemic by getting started and creating small wins. No one expects you to mold into a fitness star overnight, so don't burden yourself with those thoughts.

Have you been a subject to the excuse epidemic? Tell me how below.

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