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I'm the CEO of Skylink Group and founder of JetFuel Coffee Co.

This website is my journey. My wins, my failures and the key lessons I’ve learned that keep me going. 

Here I hope to help you thrive and optimize life’s potential.

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Why Chasing The Tomorrow Dream Is Causing You So Much Pain (Do This Instead)

Why Chasing The Tomorrow Dream Is Causing You So Much Pain (Do This Instead)

Your life is best spent on the day that matters most.

Your life is best spent on the day that matters most.

Do you feel stuck? Always running after something you can’t grab? Always chasing the next thing?

It sounds like this…

I’ll lose weight tomorrow. I’ll have more money tomorrow. I’ll have the money to buy that ___ next year. If I dream about this, then I’m sure to get that…tomorrow.

You’re consistently living in the tomorrow dream.

Benjamin P. Hardy put it elegantly…

”Today is tomorrow’s yesterday. Are you living today to give your tomorrow-self something to build off? Will you have momentum tomorrow based on your choices today? Or are you just putting off needed change until some future day?”

I’m guilty of this. One of my goals is to have 5 companies within our holdings, generating $100,000,000 in total revenue, and being named one of the best places to work.

A big goal. A goal I work on regularly.

I’m often strategizing and planning how we’ll do this. It’s the responsibility of any CEO. That’s what I’m paid to do.

And yet, if I focus on this all day, it’s toxic.

I’ll be living in tomorrows dream.

If you always live for tomorrow you’ll lose your today.

Today is what’s going to drive tomorrows results. Strategizing and planning is essential but always thinking about tomorrow and doing nothing today is dangerous.

If you’re not a doer, you’re a dreamer. And if you’re only a dreamer, you’re living in La La Land.

Put your dreams and your goals on paper. Write them down. Get them out of your head. Brainstorm how you’ll get it done.


Execute on today as tomorrow may never come.

Every day you should give it you’re all. Why? Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee. For you. For anyone.

You’ve put your goals on paper so now you’re going to execute. You’re going to get them done. Day by day. Today.

Life isn’t just about your goals. It’s also about being human.

Living. Loving. Playing. Watching the wind blow through the green trees. Listening to the bird’s chirp. Feeling your heart skip a beat as you watch your son smile and play.

Don’t get caught up chasing the next thing. Take a moment to live. Enjoy the presence of the people you love.

Life is short.

It’ll all be over before you know it. Take every second today to soak it in.

Problems are inevitable and yet they teach us incredible lessons.

I have a dear friend. She’s had some stumbling blocks in one part of her life. A hurdle.

Yet, every other part of her life is flourishing.

In reality, you’ll look at her and say damn, she’s got it. Yet, something she wanted for the future fell through. She was upset.

She couldn’t shake it. It kept bothering her. You could see it on her face. It was weighing heavy. She kept being sad about the tomorrow thing she can’t have today.

She’s gambling sadness on tomorrow when her today is so great.

Don’t live in tomorrow. Seize today. Learn from your problems. They’ll teach you beautiful things.

Ask yourself, right here, right now, what’s your return on time?

I created a framework for my life. For my journey. It’s my Return On Time (ROT). I then turn it into a question…am I ROTTING away today?

I have my goals. I have my principles of life so each and every moment of today should maximize my return on time.

It should for you too.

Your ROT must consist of your body, business/career, and balance. There’s a lot to deconstruct within each one of these but focus on maximizing each one of them daily, and watch your today change for the better.

As you read this, right now, today, make yourself a promise to seize your journey day by day.

You’ll have future goals. You can dream. But today is where all the fun happens.

Thanks for reading,

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