The Art of a Simple Life

Nothing is good enough. We want more. More cars, more shoes, more money, and we ALWAYS complain about not having enough time. If we give up some of our SHIT, the pursuit of materialistic endeavors for one, we would have more TIME.

How To Find Peace In A Stressful Situation

My heart was throbbing. My fists clenched. 

A few were publicly questioning my integrity. They were spewing misinformation. False claims. They made disgusting remarks about people I genuinely care about on my team.

All they wanted to do was try and hurt others.

Nothing happened.

It didn’t impact anything.

Nothing resulted from it besides their anger.

But I take false statements about my team personal.

What You Can Learn From A Life Skill You Suck At

I fired her after a day working for me. As she walked out of the office, she dropped her notebook, I went to pick it up for her, and she said: "don't help me." No problem!

There was a reason for her termination, but all the blame can't be on her.

Our Director of Operations came to me the next day and said "Nate, you know you're not good with the details, I'll do the administrative training next time.” I suck at the details.

I have no patience.