Hey there! I'm Nate.

The CEO of an international aerospace company, Skylink, who's focused on dominating 5 aviation verticals.

This blog is documenting my business and life journey. A journey that's putting human machines back in business.

On these pages I'll write about what I've learned and continue to learn. And how I connect my mind and body to help fuel my business.

Join me! Let's make human machines together.

-Nate Anglin

18 Ways An Entrepreneur Can Ditch The Excuses And Workout

Lets be honest, you've come up with an excuse or two to avoid working out haven't you? I thought so and I have too. But don't tell anyone. 

The excuse epidemic is contagious and most entrepreneurs fall victim. From all the work related tasks you need to accomplish to personal priorities, it may never seem like you have the time.

But let's get real, you can find the time. I can find the time. We all can find the time to workout and be healthy. You owe it to yourself and your business.

Watch this video and I'll show you 18 quick and easy ways to ditch the excuses to workout and to get moving.

[youtube id="HRzYZg6kUA0" width="640" height="380"]


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