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Recipe: Delicious Coconut and Berry Yogurt

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]our day has been stressful and your salivating at the Snicker bar sitting on your co-workers desk. The crunchy sweetness that makes all your worries disappear.

Your body begins to grumble, your hand begins to shake but WAIT….

Let’s not give Snickers too much credit.

We can satisfy this craving with a quick and easy fix.

Delicious Coconut and Berry Yogurt

The Delicious Coconut and Berry Yogurt Remix isn't yogurt at all. You avoid the dairy and you can control it’s consistency,

Add more coconut milk or berries for a variation in consistency. If you like it a little smoother add more coconut milk or water. If you want it a little thicker add more berries.


This recipe gives you sweetness from the berries and full satiating fat from the coconut milk. [TWEET THIS]

So what are we waiting for…

Delicious Coconut and Berry Yogurt Remix Recipe


- 1 cup of full fat, unsweetened coconut milk - 3/4 cup of mixed, organic frozen berries (if you prefer fresh add some ice cubes) - 1 - 2 raw organic, cage free eggs


1. Add ingredients to a blender. I only use the NutriBullet. 2. Blend berries thoroughly. 3. Serve or add lid to Nutribullet container and pack with your lunch for a midday snack.

Variation: If you need an extra boost of glucose to help with decision-making fatigue, add a half of banana and reduce the berry amount.

Thats it.

How simple is this?

A bit of sweets mixed in with a healthy amount of fat. Voila! You now have a snack that you can eat when you're craving sweets, stressed or having trouble making the right decisions.

A superior cognitive boost this is.


Did you try this recipe? What did you like / dislike? Did you try any healthy variations? Comment below.

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