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Why Your Life Is So SAD

Why are you so SAD? Today, life's riddled with crappy food and your life has been the victim.


It’s been the victim of digestive abuse.

The spare tire around your waist, the lack of motivation at work, and your poor outlook on life have been the result.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is a civilized problem. In over abundance of junk and choices has forced the 11PM ice cream down your throat.

Healthy eating habits are no longer an option. It’s all about convenience.

You're disconnected from the world, your food, and your life.

There once was a day

In the not so distant past most people spent the majority of their “paycheck” or “sweat” on food.

Food was the most important part of the day. They went to the farmers market to get fresh picked produce and to the farm down the street to negotiate cattle for butcher.

These were the days when people would spend hours in the kitchen cooking fresh picked carrots, cabbage and a pig.

They would then spend hours with people they love eating their hard earned meal, socializing, laughing, crying and being happy to be alive.

They were grateful for their food, family, and the shelter over their head.

Food was not a was survival.

It goes far beyond healthy eating habits

Today, the SAD life is common. [CLICK TO TWEET]

Walk down the mall and tell me what you see when you look at people.

No, I'm not saying to judge or stereotype. Just look.

What I’m saying is you’ll see the SAD diet at the forefront of most peoples lives.

It's taken over and we’re more out of shape and sad (yes, emotionally sad) than ever.

Your life deserves more than crappy eating. You deserve delicious meals with people you love.

This is why you need to focus on these…

  • Creating a plan that focuses on healthy eating habits.
  • Reducing your stress level so you can actually live.
  • Upgrading your mind so life doesn't take control of you.
  • Surrounding yourself with people who empower you and love you for who you are.
  • Playing, not matter what age you are.

Life no longer needs to be SAD.

You need to take control and change the way you feel.

No more excuses, no more pointing the blame, you're in control.

Are you SAD? What poor choices have you made to lead you to where you’re at? How are you going to change your habits? Do you even want to change? Comment below.

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