Are You Chasing The Golden Goose?

You begin salivating. An endless drool slowly drenches your shoes. You spotted --- a Golden Goose.

A rare species indeed. Some have claimed to know the Golden Goose well. Others have been hunting it all their lives.

She takes many forms...

ADD Is My Superpower. Here’s why…

I sat on a piece of wood. The “seat” looked like a T. The purpose --- If I moved too much, I’d fall out of my seat. 

Then. I took this ridiculous pill. It made me dumb. Slow. Uninterested. A joke. After tests and teachers prodding and probing at my diagnoses, my parents let me live. 

Why Your Resume Belongs In A Paper Shredder & How To Fix It

Here’s how you find a job. You write a resume. You search open positions. You apply to any position that has a pulse. Right?

Far too often, people use their resume as a means to no end. They think all they need a resume and POOF and a job offer will appear. And yes, this does happen sometimes, but it’s a gamble, and more than likely you’re not getting the position you really want.

Choice Overload & How To Combat It

I found myself surfing Amazon for the perfect product. It had to be right. The right reviews. The right package design. The right specifications.

It felt like I was in a vortex. Sucking me in. Clicking and blinking. My eye's blurred. Frustration set. Just choose a damn option, I told myself. And yet, I still had 5,000 more pages to skim.