Why Your Resume Belongs In A Paper Shredder & How To Fix It

Here’s how you find a job. You write a resume. You search open positions. You apply to any position that has a pulse. Right?

Far too often, people use their resume as a means to no end. They think all they need a resume and POOF and a job offer will appear. And yes, this does happen sometimes, but it’s a gamble, and more than likely you’re not getting the position you really want.

Choice Overload & How To Combat It

I found myself surfing Amazon for the perfect product. It had to be right. The right reviews. The right package design. The right specifications.

It felt like I was in a vortex. Sucking me in. Clicking and blinking. My eye's blurred. Frustration set. Just choose a damn option, I told myself. And yet, I still had 5,000 more pages to skim. 

Are You Rotting Away Today?

Imagine waking up knowing it's the last day of your life. You take a deep breath and begin thinking. 

You start remembering your childhood, your first date, your first crappy job, when your child was born and everything in between life's precious moments. You then wonder, where has your life gone?